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Welcome to Bishop Manogue Assembly (50)

of the Patriotic Degree of the

Knights of Columbus


The next Member (Regular Business) Meeting will be

Monday, May 23rd, 2022

We will be meeting in the Sacramento Council 953 Hall,

5961 Newman Ct, Sacramento

Dinner will start at 6:30 PM

Meeting starts at 7:30 PM


Congratulations to our 4 new Sir Knights who joined us at the

Exemplification of the Patriotic (4th) Degree

April 23rd, 2022

Left to right:

Sir Knight Frank Consulo, Council 4970

Sir Knight Jon Dunn, Council 5322

Sir Knight Daniel Almond, Council 5322

Sir Knight Carlos  Vasconcelos, Council 5322


Color Corps / Honor Guard Events 

Contact SK Michael Langer, PFN, Color Corps Cmdr, for more info

Drill Manual

New Uniform


Note:  Some pictures from the funerals of SK Eugene Kunz and Lady Anita Fong thanks to Sir Knight Marco Ferrero, Grand Knight of Sacramento Council 953.

From SK Marco:  We bid farewell to our Fellow 953 Brother SK Eugene Kunz (at Nicoletti’s Funeral Home) who served as a Knight of Columbus for over 70 years. 

Please keep in your prayers the repose of their souls and prayers for their families who are dealing with the losses.


Below is from the Funeral at St Paul Catholic Church for Lady Anita Fong, wife of Sir Knight Jerry Fong, PFN.

The attendance of The Knights of Columbus means so much to the families that you can feel the gratitude and heartfelt happiness to know their loved ones are remembered but also recognized during their passings.  The utmost respect to Assembly 50 who has carried the cross of representation and ceremony at a time when we are low in physical numbers to continue the works especially since our Council 953 was founded in 1905.  It is with each Brother’s efforts to continue keeping our Councils and Assemblies going as we slowly return back to an active level as we continue to evolve into these new times.  Brothers unable to currently physically participate, we keep you in prayers and appreciate your prayers of support back. 

Sir Knight Marco Ferrero, GK, Sacramento Council 953


Dues second notices were mailed in late March.

You can pay your dues and/or make donations on-line by clicking the link:

Pay Dues/Donations On Line

For Regular Members and Honorary members: 

If you did not get a bill in the mail or via e-mail, contact us at


We mailed Honorary Life members a request to make a donation

to the Columbian Charities (365 Club)

(see the information below)


The State Office and Chapter have been providing support to many Knights and their families and parishes

affected by the wild fires and COVID.

You can donate to Columbian Charities (365 Club) on-line using your credit card or PayPal account by going to the:    http://manogue.org/BMA50Donations.html

Make sure you enter a good e-mail address with your payment info. 

For more information about Columbian Charities (365 Club), go to


Grand Knights - please check your members and if any Brother is in distress,

one way to help them is through Columbian Charities (365 Club): 


Knights in Action - 3rd Degree activities

NORCAL Chapter events - NORCAL web site



If your Council is having a Dinner or other fund raiser, let us know and we can pass the word.


Grand Knights:  If you did not receive information about the

Chapter Meetings, contact:



Veterans Information -

VA Outreach Virtual Events 

Volunteer or Donate (va.gov) - VAVS needs drivers to take Veterans to medical appointments

SK Joe Galipeau, VAVS representative


On-line Resources for Members

For Members - General Members | Knights of Columbus (kofc.org)

a lot of good information for and about the Knights of Columbus


EWTN Livestream

Catholic TV

 Catholic Spiritual Communion Service at Home


For Your Information

  • The exemplification and charter of Bishop Manogue Assembly (later given the number 50) of Sacramento was approved by the Supreme Board of Directors on October 4, 1915.

  • Our name honors the First Bishop of the Sacramento Diocese, Most Reverend Patrick Manogue.

  • We meet at Sacramento Council (00953) Hall, 5961 Newman Court, Sacramento, California 95819 (Click on map below for directions) on the 4th Monday of each month (Except May, July and December)

  • Membership in Fourth Degree is open to all active Knights who have made their Knighthood (3rd) Degree.


    Student, gold miner, seminarian, and priest of the Comstock, Patrick Manogue built the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament when he became the first and founding Bishop of a new Diocese created on May 28, 1886, by Pope Leo XIII.

   The new Diocese of Sacramento was created out of the old Grass Valley Diocese. 

                       Bishop Patrick Manogue died on February 27, 1895 in the Cathedral rectory.

Where WE Meet!
We Meet at 953 Hall on the 4th Monday
Monthly Except December and July
5961 Newman Court, Sacramento, California 95819
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