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Bishop Manogue Assembly Officers

Columbian year 2017-2018

(July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018)

Faithful Navigator SK Garrett Thomas  
Faithful Friar to be appointed after approval by the dicoese  
Faithful Captain SK Michael Langer  
Faithful Admiral SK Richard Dewitt  
Faithful Pilot SK Armondo Covarrubias  
Faithful Comptroller SK Carlos Garcia  
Faithful Purser SK Mario Mejia  
Faithful Scribe SK Wilfred Hernandez  
Faithful Inner Sentinel SK Peter Kilkenny  
Faithful Outer Sentinel SK Richard Westerfeld  
Faithful 3 Year Trustee SK Ricardo Saldana, PFN  
Faithful 2 Year Trustee SK Michael Brady, PFN  
Faithful 1 Year Trustee SK Robert Reavis, PFN  
Faithful Advocate  to be appointed  
Color Corps Commander SK Michael Langer  



Junipero Serra Province

Northern California District

Master SK Timothy W Starkweather  
Marshal SK Tim Fukada  
Marshal SK Don Snow  


Committee Directors

2017 - 2018

Chalice Presentations

SK Peter Kilkenny

Church Liaison SK Floyd Wells, PFN  
Flags SK Dick Cutting, PSD, PFN  
Historical Photographer    
Hospitality SK Michael Langer  
Membership SK Rich DeWitt, PFN  
New Citizens    
Veterans Affairs Volunteer Services SK Joe Galipeau  
Wheelchair Mission SK Joe Galipeau  



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